Zabaglione for professional use

Zabaglione for professional use

The authentic goodness of organic food at the service of professionals

Producing quality organic food means caring about the consumer and working in synergy with those who, like us, believe in and promote healthy eating habits. So that's why, in order to spread the goodness of our produce, we have developed a product line specifically for kitchen professionals and chefs. The same farm-grown ingredients, application of the same principles of organic agriculture, the very same Olivero quality in extre large sizes with that unmistakable flavour of pure authenticity, allowing chefs and pastry chefs to tastefully enrich their dishes and enabling them to give that additional touch of fragrant refinement to their recipes.

zabaglione bio e sanbay per professionisti


Available sizes

  • Glass jar containing 1,125 kg

Sanbay is an organic zabaglione, a creamy dessert for connoisseurs that enhances the authentic flavour of our eggs, allowing kitchen professionals and pastry chefs to enrich their recipes with a touch of tasty goodness.

Light, nutritious and gluten-free, Sanbay acquires its taste and energizing quality from a few simple organic ingredients: eggs from our free-range hens which are fed organic on-farm produced cereals, cane sugar and white Passito wine from Sicily giving it that characteristic aroma of dried fruit.

Sanbay enables you to serve refined and tasty dishes without losing any of the authentic flavour that stems from the rural tradition.

with Muscat wine

Available sizes

  • Glass jar containing 1,125 kg

Our organic zabaglione with Muscat wine caresses the palate with its fruity and delicate sweetness, allowing infinite flavor combinations.

Egg yolk from our chickens' healthy and tasty eggs, cane sugar and Muscat wine from Piedmont: three strictly organic ingredients which marry perfectly in order to create a creamy, gluten-free dessert full of taste and highly nutritious, underpinned by a fruity and fresh palate with hints of citrus.

Inspired by the traditional cuisine of Piedmont comes a return of authentic flavors, born out of Claudio’s great passion for creating excellent raw ingredients and as a result of our ongoing pursuit of new sensations.

The low alcohol content of the Muscat wine makes zabaglione the perfect energizing breakfast, a mouthwatering teatime snack (even suitable for children aged 10+), or the ideal treat for a moment of indulgence with some genuine flavor-packed goodness.

Whether used for the preparation of simple dishes or for the creation of more elaborate recipes, our organic zabaglione with Muscat wine is your ideal ally for seducing clients with its antique notes of delectable lusciousness.

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