Bio Eggs - Organic Farm Olivero Claudio

Bio Eggs - Organic Farm Olivero Claudio

Hens living a good life produce tasty and healthy eggs.

For us goodness is not just a matter of taste but first and foremost it is a matter of ethics. In our countryside the various production stages are carefully monitored, with extra attention being paid to animal well-being and environmental welfare. The hens are free to roam outside and are fed organic feed locally grown on the farm.
We have always promoted sustainable farming, eliminating the use of chemicals on our crops and offering the animals a natural, balanced and organic diet. This to ensure the welfare of the hens and therefore the goodness of their eggs in full respect of nature.

Uova di galline nutrite con semi di lino e canapa

The line & hemp organic eggs

Available carton sizes

  • 1 egg in single egg carton
  • 2 eggs in plastic egg carton
  • 4 eggs in classic egg carton
  • 4 eggs in renewed egg carton
  • 6 eggs in classic egg carton
High in Omega 3

The line & hemp eggs are one of our company’s food delicacies. They are a delicious and innovative food, the result of careful research, designed to satisfy the palate while also providing important health benefits.

The organic feed for our hens is further enriched with line and hemp seed in order to create an even more appetizing egg and most importantly an egg with health benefits contributing to the general well-being of its consumer.

In fact, line and hemp seed contains a high quantity of Omega 3 fatty acids of vegetable origin which are then transformed by the hens during digestion, resulting in eggs high in Omega 3 fatty acids of animal origin. The most recent scientific studies substantiate that the latter are precious allies in maintaining good health, have beneficial effects on our blood pressure, brain activity, even our mood and help fight chronic diseases, immune as well as inflammatory disorders.

A correct balance between Omega 3 and Omega 6 (another variety of fatty acids essential to the body) distinguishes our eggs from conventional eggs, making them easier to digest and most suitable for elderly, children, athletes and expectant mothers.

Uova di galline nutrite con semi di mais e erba medica

The corn & alfalfa organic eggs

Available carton sizes

  • 4 eggs in classic egg carton
  • 6 eggs in classic egg carton

The corn and alfalfa eggs are perfect for anyone who wishes to bring a daily dose of well-being and flavour to the table.

Laid by hens reared with great care since birth and fed a carefully selected diet of organic feed, these eggs are rich in flavour and beneficial qualities as they contain first-class elements such as calcium, phosphorus, sodium, enzymes, fat and vitamins. In particular vitamin E which has a strong antioxidant action against free radicals (unstable molecules which can cause deseases) and slows down the natural aging process of the tissues.

Thanks to their versatility and delicacy, these eggs are ideal for classic cooking as well as more elaborate recipes, capable of satisfying the palate of all foodies, whether they are professional chefs or attentive mothers.

Albume d'uovo biologico

Organic egg white

Available sizes

  • Bottle (PET) containing 500g

A perfect protein food made from our best organic eggs, ideal for athletes and for people looking for nutrition and energy in a handy ready to use bottle.

The preparation of numerous sweet and savory recipes is made quick and easy while also avoiding any kind of food wastage.

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