Hazelnuts for professional use

Hazelnuts for professional use

The authentic goodness of the organic at the service of professionals

Producing quality organic food means caring about the consumer and working in synergy with those who, like us, believe in and promote healthy eating habits. So that's why, in order to spread the goodness of our produce, we have developed a product line specifically for kitchen professionals and chefs. The same farm-grown ingredients, application of the same principles of organic agriculture, the very same Olivero quality in extre large sizes with that unmistakable flavour of pure authenticity, allowing chefs and pastry chefs to tastefully enrich their dishes and enabling them to give that additional touch of fragrant refinement to their recipes.


Available sizes

  • Packet containing 1kg of whole shelled and roasted hazelnuts
  • Packet containing 1kg of hazelnut flour

Our organic hazelnuts are custodians of goodness, easy to digest, packed with genuine flavor and full of exceptional benefits for the entire body.

They are in fact pure all-natural goodness: turns out they are rich in oleic acid (the same fat acid present in extra virgin olive oil) and vitamin E, ideal for combating vascular disease, reducing levels of so-called “bad cholesterol” in the blood and slowing down the aging of the tissues.

We produce only the very best quality: the toasted Tonda Gentile Trilobata, known for its delicious flavor and for its versatility. Once toasted, it is considered to be the best for making artisan pastry and for use in the confectionery business, either whole or chopped.

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